Thursday, 30 May

Garu attack on national security operatives reprehensible – Kan Dapaah

National Security Minister Albert Kan Dapaah

The attack on national security operatives and a police station in Garu and Tempane in the Upper East Region was "reprehensible", National Security Minister Albert Kan Dapaah has said.

He told parliament on Tuesday, 13 November 2023 that the "house will agree that the attack on the national security personnel and also the Garu Police Station was reprehensible and must be condemned in no uncertain terms".

"In many other jurisdictions, such attacks on security personnel in the course of their legitimate duties will be classified as an attack on the state", Mr Kan Dapaah said.

Following the alleged attack by the civilians, soldiers stormed the area a week after in a reprisal attack that led to the death of one person who died from the injuries he suffered during a roughing up of more than 50 civilians on sight by the soldiers.

The military attack was condemned by the MPs of Garu and Tempane in a joint statement as well as civil society organisations.

Mr Kan Dapaah told parliament the alleged military brutalities are a matter before court.

"Mr Speaker, in the aftermath of the joint operation, reports have emerged in respect of some excesses by the personnel who conducted the operation".

"Mr Speaker, this aspect of the matter is currently before court. It will, therefore, be inappropriate for me to comment on the matter, as it would amount to contempt of court".