Sunday, 14 July

Accra Academy 1993 Year group commits to rebuilding historic hall

Year Group members in a group phootograph

The 1993 Year Group of an esteemed Accra-based school, Accra Academy  has announced an ambitious project to restore a historic hall of residence within the next four months. 

The initiative comes after a devastating fire incident in 2020, which significantly damaged the structure.

 The reconstruction aims to have the hall ready by September 2024, in time for the annual Speech Day.

Mr. Emmanuel Harvey-Ewusi, Chairman of the 1993 Year Group, shared the details of the project, emphasizing its historical and educational significance. 

"The hall of residence holds a lot of significance for us. 

It was one of the first halls built in the new location of Accra, and restoring it is crucial for both historical purposes and the future of our students," he stated.

The project involves three batches of the 1993 group: the SS batch, A-Level batch, and the 1995 A-Level batch.

 Collectively, they are dedicated to raising the necessary funds and ensuring the timely completion of the hall. 

The project is expected to cost 2 million Ghana cedis and includes the construction of three dormitory blocks, toilet facilities, professional finishing, and accommodation for a hall master.

"This contribution is part of our ongoing efforts to improve the learning environment and support the increasing number of students due to the free SHS policy," Harvey-Ewusi explained. 

"Our goal is to provide a conducive environment that fosters learning and development for the next generation of Ghanaians."

The 1993 Year Group has already laid the groundwork for the project

 The sod-cutting ceremony, a significant milestone, took place recently, and construction activities are set to commence next week. 

The project planning committee, led by Mr. Craig Gryphon, is confident that the hall will be completed within the stipulated three months.

Mr Gryphon elaborated on the project timeline, saying, "We are on a tight schedule, but we are committed. 

With the extensive engagement of the 1993 community and the support of former students and stakeholders, we have no doubt that we will meet our September deadline."

The group calls on all alumni and former residents to contribute to the project, ensuring that the new hall will be ready to unveil during the Speech Day celebrations at the end of September

Source: Kwadwo Alidjah