Saturday, 20 April

Avoid uncontrolled sexual activities: KsTU Chancellor to freshers

Under graduate students

The Vice-Chancellor of Kumasi Technical University (KsTU), Prof Gabriel Dwomoh, has issued guidance to students, particularly incoming freshmen, advising them to steer clear of uncontrolled sexual activities, alcohol consumption, and indecent dressing.

Prof Dwomoh emphasised that such behaviours are frowned upon by the university, and students engaging in them may face sanctions.

During the 32nd matriculation ceremony, where 5,932 fresh students were officially enrolled for the 2023/2024 academic year, Prof Dwomoh urged students to avoid negative influences and concentrate on their studies. He cautioned against keeping bad company that might lead to engaging in social vices.

Among the enrolled students, there were 17 international students and 52 postgraduate students out of a total of 8,125 students who gained admission this year. 

While 8,392 applied, 5,932 students successfully enrolled for the academic year.

The Vice-Chancellor's advice aims to foster a positive and focused academic environment, encouraging students to prioritize their studies and avoid behaviours that could compromise their academic progress or tarnish the university's reputation.

Source: Mensah