Saturday, 02 March

C/R: Snakes invade classroom during class hours

Snakes invade clssroom block

Pupils at Denkyira Atobease M/A Basic School in the Upper Denkyira East Municipality of the Central Region escaped snake bites after five snakes invaded their dilapidated classroom during lesson time.

The snakes according to Class 91.3 FM's Nana Tawiah were seen at the top of the classroom building.

The snakes fell from the roofing and landed on the pupil's desks which made them run away while the teacher was teaching.

They called people around to help kill the snakes.

The pupils are now living in fear as they are afraid snakes might bite them during class time.

Alongside snake infestation, the school is also having issues with inadequate teachers, classroom furniture and facilities at both Primary and Junior High School levels; a situation which is making teaching and learning difficult.

Furthermore, the predicament of the school does not encourage teachers posted there to accept postings and does not provide a favourable atmosphere for teaching and learning.

The chief of the area, Nana Nkwantabesa, has expressed concern over the lack of qualified school teachers.

He said the lack of qualified teachers has made the community employ some Senior and Junior High school graduates to teach.

According to him, despite the difficulties the school faces, the Primary Six and Junior High School teachers are doing their best to provide the finest possible education for the children.

Mr Kweku Assem, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Secretary of Denkyira Atobease M/A Basic School said the school is threatened by snakes and other dangerous reptiles because of the poor building.

He stressed that in the absence of action from the appropriate authorities, the pupils would continue to be alarmed by the reptiles.

He, therefore, called on the government and the Municipal Chief Executive to urgently support the school before its situation gets out of hands.

Source: Mensah