Saturday, 13 July

Education Minister bemoans partisanship in education sector

Dr Yaw Adutwum, Education Minister

The Minister of Education has expressed concern about the excessive partisanship prevailing in the country's education sector. 

Despite acknowledging this challenge, the Minister said he remains committed to implementing a common-sense approach to reform the sector. 

He emphasised the importance of education reform, urging people not to dispute it due to political affiliations.

He commended the National Democratic Congress's (NDC) administration for introducing the E-Blocks classrooms to enhance infrastructure in the education sector.

During a media interaction in Accra, the minister revealed that 30 percent of the population lacks access to Free Compulsory Education (FCUBE) programme.

He acknowledged that some Ghanaians have opted for Compulsory Education (CUBE), meaning they pay for their children's education, often in private schools. 

However, he recognised the significant challenges facing public basic schools, leading to the decision to transform these institutions.

Highlighting ongoing reforms, the minister mentioned plans to hire facility managers for Junior and Senior High Schools (SHS).

He mentioned the introduction of courses in aerobatics, aviation, and aerospace programmes in some 13 SHS next year. 

Additionally, the Education Ministry aims to collaborate with a private company to commercialise students' inventions, he said.

The minister emphasised a forthcoming revolution in the education sector, including a focus on increasing science enrollment with a target of 60/40 science to humanities. 

He commended President Akufo-Addo's dedication to education reform and expressed optimism about the positive changes these initiatives would bring to the sector.

Source: Mensah