Friday, 19 July

GES launches self-placement system for 12,720 newly-qualified teachers

Director-General Eric Nkansah outlined the objectives of the self-placement system

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has unveiled a self-placement system for 12,720 newly qualified teachers who have completed their degree programs at colleges of education and passed their licensure exams.

This initiative comes after the GES invited applications for employment on May 11, 2024, receiving over 20,000 responses from qualified candidates.

During a press conference at the GES headquarters in Accra on Thursday, 4 July 2024, Director-General Eric Nkansah outlined the objectives of the self-placement system, which aims to address challenges such as language barriers and financial difficulties faced by teachers.

“The self-posting recruitment model has the benefit of getting newly trained teachers posted to regions where language will not be a barrier. Thus, they can speak the local language wherever they choose, and we know that would create a very effective teaching and learning environment,” Dr. Nkansah stated.

He emphasised the advantages of the new system, highlighting that it allows teachers to choose schools close to their families, thereby providing economic support.

“These individuals are required to visit the Ghana Education Service portal between July 5 and July 31, 2024, to complete the self-placement exercise. In addition, the teachers get to select schools that are close to their families and subsequently enjoy economic support,” he noted.

He also pointed out the simplicity of the process, stating: “The steps that they need to follow to be able to access the platform and also to select the school of their choice are there once they visit the GES promotion platform, the same they used in their application.”


Source: Adiku