Thursday, 30 November

UE/R: Apaak supports 236 brillant-but-needy students with GHS210k

Dr Apaak said he will do anything within his power to support them

The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Builsa South Constituency, Dr Clement Apaak, has provided financial support of GHS210,000 to 236 brilliant-but-needy students in the area. 

The initiative, the legislator noted, is aimed at improving and securing the future of the youth through education, as education is key to national development.

Dr Apaak said he will do anything within his power to support them. 

Speaking to Class 91.3 FM’s Upper East regional correspondent Moses Apiah, the opposition MP said: “I have asked the assembly to release an amount of GHS210,000.00 from the MP's common fund and disburse to the attached list 236 brilliant-but-needy students from the Builsa South District.” 

He indicated: “Out of a total number of the successful applicants of 236, 110 are females, while 126 are males". 

"All the beneficiaries are students in tertiary institutions across the country", he said.

“For the avoidance of doubt, 171 beneficiaries are university students while 65 are studying in  colleges of education, nursing training colleges, and other institutions.”

Touching on the distribution method, the Builsia South legilator noted: “To ensure fairness and to extend this much-needed support to as many students as possible, each university student has been allocated GHS1,000 while students in the colleges and other institutions have been allocated GHS600 each.”

Dr Apaak expressed hope that the Assembly will expedite the process of disbursement to the beneficiaries.

“Given the current economic conditions in Ghana and the associated challenges students are facing with regard to funding their education, it is my prayer that the processes are fast-tracked to ensure that students are able to continue with their education,” he stated.