Thursday, 30 November

UE/R: Police Commander, 3 others hospitalised after clash with students of St. Bernadette Tech Inst

He added that 27 of the students have been arrested and arraigned as of Monday

The Navrongo Municipal Police Commander ASP Kingsley Kanda, and three of his police officers have been hospitalised at the War Memorial Hospital in Navrongo after clashing with students of St. Bernadette's Technical Institute in the Upper East Region. 

The Commander suffered a broken leg injury, and the three officers also suffered various injuries. 

Narrating the incident to Class FM’ s Upper East Regional Correspondent, Moses Apiah, the Municipal Chief Executive of the area, Joseph Adongo noted that, they were called to the school to bring students-management misunderstanding under control.

However, during the melee, the Municipal Police Commander had his leg broken while three of his officers also suffered injuries and had to be admitted at the hospital.

Touching on the issue, the Chief Executive explained that the students on Saturday 13th, May 2023 wanted to play an inter-ethnic football match between colleague students from different schools, but were prevented by the school authorities. 

The students resisted the directive by the management, which resulted in a clash with management of the school. 

The situation became critical to the extent that authorities of the school called for support from the Ghana Police Service. 

He added that 27 of the students have been arrested and arraigned as of Monday, 15 May 2023.  

Meanwhile, the school has been closed down indefinitely.

Source: Apiah