Saturday, 20 April

63-year-old Gborbu Wulomo’s marriage to 12-year-old girl customary, not sexual - Nungua Mankralo

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Naa Okromo and Gboru Wulomo

The Mankralo of the Nungua traditional area has provided clarification regarding the marriage between the 63-year-old Gborbu Wulomo and the 12-year-old Naa Okromo, asserting that it is purely customary and devoid of any sexual obligations.

The customary ceremony held on Saturday, March 30, 2024, has stirred controversy, prompting calls for the apprehension of the Gborbu Wulomo by human rights lawyer and MP for Madina Francis-Xavier Sosu.

Addressing the concerns raised after the ceremony, the Nungua Mankralo explained, what occurred on Saturday is part of the Naa Yoomo Ayamoadey traditional rites.

He continued, that the Gborbu Wulomo, who serves as the spiritual leader of the GaDangbe state, traditionally assumes office with wives to assist him in his duties within the Gborbu temple.

Speaking on the Class Morning Show on Class FM on Tuesday, April 2, the Mankralo emphasized that the marriage between the 63-year-old and the 12-year-old holds no sexual connotations.

He clarified, she [Naa Okromo] sits on a virgin stool, exclusively reserved for virgins. The Gborbu Wulomo has four wives, ranging in age from almost 96 years to 13 years. This union is purely customary, with no sexual implications.

He said Naa Okromo has been performing her traditional duties since she was seven years old and the pubic marriage was meant to ward off potential suitors so she can continue to perform her duties as a virgin.

According to him, Naa Okromo while serving at the shrine continous to school and has the best education beffiting a royal.

He, however, said when she is old enough for marriage, another rite will be performed to allow her have her own family.