Monday, 22 July

A/R: Drivers in 4 constituencies march over poor roads

General News
Drivers demonstrating

Drivers in four constituencies within the Amansie area of the Ashanti region have today staged a protest, parking their vehicles to demonstrate against the government due to the deteriorating state of the road networks.

The road conditions in the Amansie West, Amansie South, Bekwai, and Odotobri constituencies have not only developed potholes and gullies but have also severely impacted economic activities.

During the protest, drivers wore red armbands and carried placards with messages like "2024, we will show NPP," "Afei de3 Amee y3n" (Enough is enough), "Manso road deserves Asphalt too," and "So, Manso, do we have leaders?" among others.

The drivers, frustrated by the state of the roads, blocked the routes, expressing their concerns to Class News’ Elisha Adarkwah. They stressed that these road networks are not only challenging to traverse but also cause significant damage to their vehicles, leading to frequent expenses on spare parts and maintenance.

They highlighted that both President Akufo-Addo and Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia are aware of the dire condition of the road networks and have made promises to address the issue, yet no substantial action has been taken.

They cited an incident where the Vice President's convoy got stuck in the mud during a campaign visit to the Amansie area, where he promised to fix the road. Disappointed in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government, the drivers called on them to fulfill their promise and repair the road.

They warned that if the road is not fixed, they would consider their options in the 2024 general elections.