Saturday, 15 June

C/R: Truck loaded with wood falls on unidentified person at Assin Fossu

General News
The woods that fell from the Man Diesel truck

A Man Diesel truck with registration number AS -5942-10 loaded with wood has fallen on an unidentified person at Masalachi Roundabout at Assin Fossu in the Central Region.

The truck fell on its side killing the person whose body was discovered by firemen at the scene.

Firemen say a distress call was received at 21:48 hours at Assin Fosu Fire Station reporting an accident at the Assin Fosu Masalachi roundabout.  

According to the firemen, the body was mutilated beyond recognition.

The Ghana National Fire Service handed over the mutilated body to the Police who then transported it to the Saint Francis Xavier Hospital morgue. 

The cause of the accident is under police investigation

Source: Mensah