Wednesday, 29 May

E/R: Koforidua residents to demonstrate over bad roads

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Kofordua to Suhum road in a bad state

Some residents of Koforidua in the Eastern regional capital have threatened to stage a massive demonstration over deteriorating roads.

Some town roads in the regional capital have been riddled with pot-holes while many suburban communities have been left with deplorable untarred roads affecting road transport.

The onset of the rainfall season has worsened the situation and left many commuters stranded.

Komla Agbodo, the convener of the Eastern Region Development Advocates told the host of the Ghana Yensom morning show, Odehyeeba Kofi Essuman in an interview on Accra 100.5 FM on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, that since they served notice of the intended demonstration, some equipment has been moved to sites.

According to him, residents want to demonstrate to serve notice that they abhor piecemeal developments in the New Juaben area.

“We just don't understand why we have a Member of Parliament who is the Deputy of Trade, Michael Otchere Berfi and sits on the Committee of Roads and Highways for the constituents to contend with bad roads,” he bemoaned. 

He said areas like Atechemu, Galloway, have suffered bad roads thereby making doing business in the area difficult.

He warned that they will continue demonstrating till they see all their roads fixed.        

He noted that the demonstration, spearheaded by the youth, is expected to take place in June.

He said their anger is concerned with the neglect of the regional capital whereas areas such as Kibi, Atiwa, Okere, etc have seen a facelift in road infrastructure.

He explained that major highway roads to the regional capital such as Mamfe to Koforidua, and Suhum to Koforidua are all in bad shapes

Source: Mensah