Thursday, 30 May

Jobs: we'll hold gov't accountable - Graduate unemployed nurses

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Demonstrating nurses

The President of the Graduate Unemployed Nurses and Midwives Association has emphasized the organization's determination to hold the government accountable for its promise to expedite the posting of its members within a month.

Haruna Ibrahim expressed the Association's concerns over the delay in the posting process, stating that while the government's commitment to post members within a month is appreciated, the timeframe is considered too long. 

He noted that members had hoped for a quicker resolution, especially considering the Ministry of Health's repeated assurances that clearance for the posting of nurses from 2020 onwards is readily available.

In a demonstration of their frustration, the Graduate Unemployed Nurses and Midwives Association, alongside the Rotational Nurses and Midwives Association, staged a protest at the Ministry of Health on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, demanding immediate action to address their unemployment situation.

During an interview on the Ghana Yensom morning show hosted by Kaakyire Kwesi Appea-Apreku on Accra 100.5 on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, Mr. Ibrahim reiterated the associations' resolve to patiently await the expiration of the promised one-month period.

 However, he warned that if the government fails to fulfil its commitment within the stipulated timeframe, it will explore alternative courses of action.

Despite the assurance given by the Ministry's Public Relations Officer regarding the posting timeframe, Mr Ibrahim affirmed the Association's insistence on holding the government accountable for its pledge, particularly given the Ministry's acknowledgement of having the necessary clearance for postings. 

He emphasized that the only obstacle hindering the process is the budget, which, he argued, should have been addressed in the previous year's fiscal planning.

The Association remains hopeful that the government will honour its commitment and prioritize the timely posting of its members to alleviate the growing concerns of unemployment among graduate nurses and midwives

Source: Mensah