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LGBTQI+ weaponised by the West for grants, assistance – Murtala Muhammed

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Murtala Muhammed

Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, Ibrahim Murtala Muhammed has stated that the LGBTQI+ is weaponised by the west for aid, grant and assistance.

Speaking to Kwame Dwomoh on the Class Morning Show today, 29th February, 2024, he said, “that is why I said they have weaponised LGBTQ for aid, grants and assistances.”

He questioned why the West appears to impose their views on Africa while overlooking similar issues in the Arab world.

“Why is it that the West can’t talk about LGBTQ in Saudi Arabia... why is it that they can’t talk about it in the Middle East, why?” the lawmaker quizzed.

The lawmaker pointed out the apparent inconsistency in Western countries' silence on LGBTQI+ issues in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, suggesting that economic interests may play a role in their selective advocacy. He implied that Western nations refrain from confronting LGBTQI+ rights violations in the Arab world due to their dependence on resources such as oil.

“So it means that between their interests and what they appear to be desperately fighting for, they choose their interests.” Mr. Muhammed argued.

He further contended against those who advocate LGBTQI+ rights in Ghana, asserting that criminalising such activities is not a violation of human rights.

His comment comes after Ghana’s legislature passed the anti-LGBTQI+ on 28 February 2024, criminalising LGBTQI+ activities and prohibiting their promotion, advocacy, and funding.

Under the bill, individuals engaged in such activities face a jail term ranging from six months to three years, while promoters and sponsors could be sentenced to three to five years.

Source: Amoanimaa Osei