Tuesday, 18 June

'My brothers made wild, baseless, unsubstantiated allegations against me to cover their shame' – IGP says 'this is just not fair'

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IGP Dampare

IGP George Akuffo Dampare has accused his three colleagues caught on tape conspiring to get him removed from office of "making wild, baseless and unsubstantiated allegations against my person in order to cover their shame".

Appearing before the ad hoc parliamentary committee investigating the leaked tape that captured former Northern Regional NPP Chairman Bugri Naabu and the three senior police officers, Dr Dampare said he felt deeply pained by the allegations of his "brothers".

"All of a sudden this matter came out and the matter was about finding out what has happened and who said what and where it came from and my brothers were given an opportunity to come and speak and they did speak and make indications that, 'yes, they are involved in what was happening'. Then all of a sudden, instead of them to focus on that, they came out with wild allegations that touch my person, the police leadership that I lead and the entirety of the police service ... without a shred of evidence. Those wild allegations without a shred of evidence has brought a lot of pain to myself, my family across the country, especially my wife and children ... my command, my leaders, my team, the thousands of police people across the country".

He said "they made all these allegations not trying to cover up probably the shame in what they got themselves involved in and I, an innocent person, focusing on my job ... have been asked to come and answer to these allegations, which are wild and baseless and I felt in my in spirit that this is just not fair. It is not fair. Are we killing patriotism?"

Source: classfmonline.com