Saturday, 13 July

Police probe viral video of alleged misconduct leading to death of brother of gospel singer

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Perpetual Didier and her brother

The Police administration says it is investigating an allegation made by one Madam Perpetual Didier against one of its officers.

In a viral video, Ms Perpetual Didier alleged that the action of a Police Officer has caused the death of her brother.

The Police Professional Standards Bureau (PPSB) has commenced investigation into the allegation and has contacted Madam Perpetual Didier to assist the investigation.

The Police has assured the public of a thorough investigation into the matter.

Perpetual Didier, a gospel musician alleged in the viral video that some police officers killed her 32-year-old brother at the West Hills Mall in Weija.

In a Facebook live stream, Perpetual Didier said her brother, Shadrach Arloo had withdrawn an undisclosed amount of money for items he bought at the Mall when he was stopped for a search by the police.

The security officials reportedly approached him to disclose the content of his bag.

Shadrach refused, fearing that the Police may plant an illegal substance in his bag.

Perpetual Didier said her brother suggested they proceed to a police station for him to disclose the content but the Police refused and he was shoved to the ground and hit his head into unconsciousness.

In addition, she said her brother was shot with a taser leading to his death.

She is demanding justice.



Source: Mensah