Saturday, 20 April

Provide a lasting solution to tidal wave – Assemblyman to gov’t

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Households suffering because if the tidal waves in the keta municipality of the Volta Region

Mr Promise Kofi Baccah, the Assembly member of the Abutiakope Electoral Area in the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region, has urgently appealed to the central government to address the challenges faced by residents along the coastal areas of Ghana, particularly in the Anlo, Keta, and Ketu South districts. 

His plea comes on the back of the aftermath of a recent tidal wave that hit Abutiakope in the Keta municipality.

The Assembly member highlighted the dire situation, stating that around 100 fisher folks have been severely affected, leading to a significant impact on the livelihoods of the residents. 

He emphasised the vulnerability of fishermen and their families, with many now displaced due to the destruction caused by the tidal wave.

In an exclusive interview with Class News' Volta Regional Correspondent, Kingsley Attitsogbui, Mr Baccah described the ongoing challenges, with people still relocating to safer places due to uncertainty about when the sea might rise again.

The tidal wave, which occurred last Thursday, caused extensive damage to properties and left many residents homeless. 

Mr Baccah stressed that the affected fishermen are particularly hard hit, lacking alternative means to sustain themselves temporarily.

Furthermore, economic trees along the shore and recreational centers have been washed away by the strong tidal wave.

"As of now, no relief items have been provided to the victims who are currently homeless," he added.

Mr Baccah proposed a lasting solution to the issue, urging the government to continue the construction of the Sea Defence project to protect coastal areas from future tidal waves.

He reported that the Keta Municipal Director of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) and the Keta Municipal Chief Executive, along with their teams, have visited the affected communities.

The Anlo, Keta, and Ketu South districts have experienced recurring tidal waves and flooding, prompting urgent calls for swift government action to prevent further destruction of properties in these vulnerable areas.

Source: Mensah