Friday, 29 September

Sam Jonah grabs top MOSES Foundation award

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Sir Sam Jonah

The MOSES Foundation Ghana, a pioneering old students leadership Institute, established to mobilise the global nation of old students to foster national cohesion and inspire global excellence in Ghanaian leadership has conferred on Sir Sam Jonah, the Chairman of Jonah Capital (Pty) Limited, their highest award, the MOSES Generational Leadership Legend 2022 Living Legend Award. 

MOSES Foundation Ghana recognises the Old Student Institution as a time-tested institution that breaks barriers of ethnicity, politics, race, religion, culture, social status and all other differences for a common familial bond of solidarity beyond life. 

It is the most strategic institution where efforts at national cohesion could be anchored and distilled for national regeneration. 

Nyaaba-Aweeba Azongo, the President of MOSES Foundation made the announcement in a statement dated Monday, September 26, 2022. 

“The Old Student Institution is a Universal Resource Base for sustainable educational support, and above all a critical arm to inspire the next generation of Ghanaian leadership to establish a New Globally Competitive Leadership Order,” the statement said.

According to the statement, the MOSES Generational Leadership-Legend Award was designed and inaugurated as a global innovative model to institutionalise a system of recognition and leadership impact beyond a one-off event ceremonial for a year-long celebration of leadership excellence. 

“The celebration of leadership excellence is designed through a series of events to not only cement the nominee’s Leadership Values of Integrity, Legacy, Legendary Status and Personality in the footprint of Ghanaian/African leadership history, but also a reference institution to inspire the next generation of Ghanaians/Africans in the quest to attain Global Excellence in leadership and beyond’’ the statement added.  

Below is excerpts of the statement:

The MOSES Generational Leadership-Legend Award system has therefore been instituted as a searchlight to identify and promote historic Ghanaian/African icons, existing or post-humous, who have not only attained Global Excellence, but also pushed forward a New Frontier of Global Excellence in leadership with a demonstrable spirit of nationalism and humanism.

 The MOSES initiative is to institutionalize the values and personalities of these historic icons, LeadershipTorchbearers’, Great Old Student Legend Brand Export of their respective Alma Mater, as Grand Leadership Ambassadors for the MOSES Three-Thematic Mission: Building National Cohesion, mobilizing for Sustainable Educational Support and inspiring Global Excellence in Ghanaian Leadership

The Eminent Board of the MOSES Foundation believes Sir Sam Jonah’s Global Towering Stature as one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in 21st century Africa and a global icon of no mean proportion is deserving of such legendary recognition to inspire the next generation of Ghanaian leadership. 

 His demonstrable spirit of nationalism, humanism, leadership integrity, unparalleled intellectual depth and courage, constitute a sterling leadership brand, a Shared Ghanaian pride   and a significant institution fundamental to inspiring the next generation of Ghanaian leadership. 

This Legendary leadership quest as MOSES Living Legend Grand Leadership Ambassador is to influence not only the leadership cause of his Alma Mater, Adisadel College but a shared Adisadel College Legendary Leadership Brand for Ghana’s Old Students Community, Africa and the rest of the world.

By this Release, the Board is of the view that, Sir Sam Jonah exemplifies the Leadership Excellence that we wish to promote and preserve through the MGL-Legend Award, Nationwide Leadership Brand Promotion, Publication in the 2022 MGL-Legend Magazine and a TV Documentary of His Profile, as a Permanent Leadership Reference documentary for Students, The Global Old Students’ Community and the General Public. 

We salute Adisadel College, its fore bearers and her global old students’ family, both existing and post humous for the Gift of such an inspirational Legendary Brand Export of Global leadership excellence. It is our hope and collective aspiration that Adisadel College would continue to be the leading light in instilling the values of this great icon in their students as exemplified by the exploits, values, aspirations and personality of Sir Sam Jonah.

We join the proud Adisadel college old students’ family and the Ghanaian old student's Community to commit all well-meaning Ghanaians, the Media and the generality of the Ghanaian public, to support MOSES Foundation Ghana to celebrate such a Great Old Student Legend Brand to promote a new culture of Global Excellence in Leadership and National Cohesion in our quest to mobilize old students for Sustainable Educational support.

Source: Mensah