Thursday, 30 May

USAID sharpens leadership skills of 70 Fulbe chiefs

General News
Fulbe chiefs in a group photograph after USAID training

The US Agency for International Development(USAID), has recently organized training sessions for approximately 70 Fulbe Chiefs in Ghana, focusing on leadership, conflict resolution, and social cohesion.

Conducted in both Accra and Tamale, these training programmes aimed to empower the Chiefs with crucial skills in leadership, branding, communication, advocacy, and networking. 

The sessions were designed to equip the Chiefs with the tools necessary to effectively lead their communities and navigate various challenges they may encounter.

Furthermore, in the coming weeks, an additional 110 traditional leaders are scheduled to undergo training sessions focused on conflict-sensitive communication and preventing violent extremism. 

This initiative reflects USAID's commitment to promoting peace, stability, and social cohesion in Ghana by empowering traditional leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to address conflict and promote dialogue within their communities.

Through these training programmes, USAID seeks to foster stronger and more resilient communities, ultimately contributing to the overall development and well-being of Ghana as a nation.

Source: Mensah