Saturday, 03 June

WACCE: Ghana more exposed to terrorism

General News

The West Africa Center for Counter Extremism has warned that Ghana is more exposed to terrorism than has been acknowledged.

In a statement titled “The Threat of Violent Extremism to the Coastal States, Ghana’s Exposure to Violent Extremism”, the centre highlighted that Ghana’s proximity to Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo, and Ivory Coast, which have been targets of recent attacks, exposes the country to extremist recruitment or similar attacks.

The centre also pointed to the unending Bawku chieftaincy conflict, the ethnic tensions in Northern Ghana and the unresolved challenge of Western Togoland separatists in the Eastern border regions as factors that also amplify risks.

Meanwhile, the centre has advised that addressing grievances and mobilising local community support and goodwill to build the social and economic infrastructure is required to build resilience against these threats of extremism.