Thursday, 30 May

Autism: ‘I Am Not A Stigma’ campaign launched

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Madam Genta Amoateng

 The Global Foundation has launched the 'AUTISM... I AM NOT A STIGMA' campaign to combat misconceptions and stigma surrounding autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Spearheaded by Madam Genta Amoateng, the foundation aims to raise awareness and promote acceptance of individuals affected by ASD, particularly in Africa where the condition is often misunderstood and stigmatised.

Madam Amoateng, the founder of Global Foundation, highlighted the societal challenges faced by individuals with Autism, emphasising the harmful belief that ASD is linked to witchcraft. 

She underscored the importance of education in dispelling such myths and fostering an understanding of the spectrum nature of Autism, which affects individuals of all ages.

"It is unfortunate that many people in Africa view autism as a form of witchcraft and ostracise those exhibiting symptoms from their communities. This is simply not true," stated Madam Amoateng.

"Through education, we aim to change perceptions and ensure that individuals with autism are embraced and supported."

The AUTISM... I AM NOT A STIGMA campaign is set to reach communities across the country, with a focus on raising awareness beyond the capital city of Accra. 

By addressing the misconceptions surrounding ASD and advocating acceptance and support, the Global Foundation aims to create a more inclusive society for individuals living with autism in Africa

Source: Mensah