Friday, 23 February

We’ll move to the MoH, MoF with our mattresses if you fail to address our concerns – Unemployed nurses, midwives

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The group has given all relevant stakeholders a 2-week ultimatum

The Leadership of the Unemployed Graduate Nurses and Midwives Association (GUNMA) has hinted at plans to picket at the Ministry of Health (MoH) and Ministry of Finance (MoF) if government fails to address its concerns.

The group has given all relevant stakeholders a 2-week ultimatum. 

In a statement, the group revealed its members have been unemployed for three years now.

The group comprising Nurse Assistant Clinicals, Nurse Assistant Preventives, Diploma and Degree Nurses and Midwives number over 23, 596 and have been trained, licensed and qualified to practice. 

“Regrettably the current government which claims to prioritise the interests of Nurses and Midwives in the country, has not deemed it necessary to address our grievances despite numerous engagements and follow-ups,” the group noted.

According to the association, in October, an engagement request was submitted to the MoH through GRNMA regarding the financial clearance of its members and permanent postings, however, the feedback received indicated that the Ministry could not engage it to provide updates until after the reading of the 2024 budget statement.

It stressed that after the reading of the budget statement, the Ministry is yet to engage the association.

“The same excuses persist, with promises of imminent action, but the situation remains unchanged,” the group stressed.

It called for “urgent attention” to its concerns and the exploration of potential solutions within the next “two weeks.” 

The association added that if the relevant stakeholders fail to address its concerns, it will have no option but to “stage a protest moving to the offices major stakeholders such as MoF and MoH” with their mattresses until the clearance and posting issues of its members are “addressed”.


Source: Adiku