Sunday, 10 December

2024 is yours: Traders hail Bawumia at Kumasi Central Market

Dr Bawumia surrounded by ecstatic market women

Traders occupying the various stalls at the Kejetia market have hailed Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia, declaring him as the next leader of Ghana in 2024. 

The market queen of yam sellers made this declaration when Dr Bawumia visited the market on Monday, 20 March 2023 to have first-hand knowledge of the unfortunate fire outbreak in the market. 

In his address, Dr Bawumia assured the traders at the Kejetia Market that the place will be open to business today, March 21, 2023. 

They indicate that the announcement comes as a big relief to them after authorities closed down the facility to allow for investigations into the cause of last week's fire. 

His assurance came on the heel of traders' insistence the place had to be opened for business so that the affected shops are dealt with in an isolated case. 

Dr Bawumia's intervention brought a sigh of relief to the traders who disclosed that they were gradually being pushed out of business as a result of the closure. 

Dr Bawumia also assured users of the facility that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is willing to come to their aid to make life much easier for them. 

Dr Bawumia assured the affected market women that the government will support them with some funds in order to get back to business. 

Addressing the traders, he said it was important that life was brought back to the market through trading activities. 

“I know what worries you (traders is the lack of work), the closure of the market is really a source of worry. The fire service says they know what happened; it’s not an electrical fault; they have examined all, tomorrow the market will be opened so business can go on”. 

“President Nana to intervene and support traders at the Kejetia market that had their shops and wares damaged. He has also asked for government support in implementing recommendations from the investigations. 

He urged the traders to be vigilant in the market to avert future occurrences as the fire was started by a trader cooking so close to combustible materials. 

 “We have visited the spot of the fires and 33 shops were gutted. I have asked for a reason. I have been told investigations so far have suggested someone was cooking in his shop with gas. That is where the fire started”. 

“Other shops close by also sell turpentine, gunpowder and other combustible materials that resulted in explosions in the market”.