Saturday, 20 April

24-hour economy is Ghana’s game changer - NDC-UK

Mr Owusu Achiaw

Mr Owusu Achiaw, the National Democratic Congress's Communication Officer for the United Kingdom and Ireland Chapter, has responded to criticisms from the UK Chapter of the New Patriotic Party regarding John Mahama's 24-hour economy policy.

Mr Achiaw emphasised the positive impact of Mahama's proposal on employment opportunities for the youth.

He noted that NDC's proposed 24-hour economy, practised across robust economies in the West, is a game changer for the teeming unemployed youth across Ghana.

Mr Achiaw countered the NPP's claims, asserting that the 24-hour economy is a progressive approach, especially in light of the challenges created by the NPP's governance. 

He highlighted the potential of Mahama's policy to significantly improve employment prospects for the youth.

During an interview on Accra 100.5 FM' s Ghana Yensom Morning Show hosted by Odehyeeba Kofi Essuman on Thursday February 23, 2024, Mr Achiaw criticised the NPP's characterisation of the NDC's 24-hour economy as "backward and chaotic".

He argued that such claims lacked substance and urged the NPP-UK leadership to familiarise itself with the policy's potential impact.

In response to an article by Kwaku Bimpeh, the Director of Communications for NPP-UK,Mr  Achiaw criticised the use of inflammatory language and noted a perceived lack of substantive critique. He called for a more informed and less politically charged discussion on the 24-hour economy policy.

Mr Achiaw concluded by urging the NPP-UK leadership to consider the positive aspects of the NDC's proposal, particularly its potential to create jobs and stimulate economic growth in Ghana. 

He emphasised the need to move beyond divisive politics and engage in a more constructive dialogue on policy matters.

Source: Mensah