Friday, 19 July

Ashanti Democratic Youth for Justice accuses Ablakwa of anti-Akan politics

Spokesperson for the group speaking at the press conference in Kumasi

The Ashanti Democratic Youth for Justice held a press conference to address what they describe as ongoing anti-Akan and hate-driven politics by Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, a Member of Parliament.

The group condemned Ablakwa for allegedly engaging in ethnocentric political manoeuvres and targeting individuals of Akan descent.

The spokesperson for the youth group emphasized the importance of political leadership and active citizenship in building a country that serves all its people.

They asserted that the country’s leadership must uphold the principles of elective governance as enshrined in the Fourth Republican Constitution.

The youth group accused Ablakwa of using his political platform to spread bigotry and hatred against Akans. They cited several instances where Ablakwa allegedly launched unfounded attacks on notable Akan figures, including the Minister for Justice and Attorney General Godfred Yeboah Dame, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Kwaku Ampratwum-Sarpong, and other prominent individuals such as former Vice Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Defence and Interior Hon Collins Owusu Amankwa, and former Methodist Bishop Rev Asante-Antwi.

The group also accused Ablakwa of attacking President Akufo-Addo and former President Kufuor, claiming his actions were part of a broader pattern of targeting Akan individuals.

 They referenced past controversies involving Ablakwa, such as the Alfred Woyome judgment debt scandal and the Isofoton SA case, to illustrate what they termed his “mercenary politicking.”

The youth group criticized Ablakwa for allegedly twisting facts to support his personal and political agendas, accusing him of supporting foreign entities at the expense of indigenous Akan businesspeople.

They cited former Attorney General Martin Amidu’s condemnation of Ablakwa’s actions as further evidence of his unethical behaviour.

In their concluding remarks, the Ashanti Democratic Youth for Justice reiterated their stance against Ablakwa’s purported hate politics, labelling him a “tribal and ethnic bigot.”

They called for greater scrutiny of his political activities and urged the public to reject his divisive tactics.

The press conference ended with a strong message from the group: “No person with integrity, decency, and elementary candour will support the path Ablakwa is treading on.”



Source: Mensah