Tuesday, 09 August

Kenya MPs turn Parliament into wrestling arena; one lawmaker cut in the face

Kenya MPs fighting in Parliament today

There was chaos in Kenya’s Parliament on Wednesday afternoon (29 December 2021), as MPs engaged in a fistfight during a debate on the controversial Political Parties (Amendment) Bill, 2021.

The lawmakers were voting on amendments to clause Six by Kandara MP Alice Wahome.

Clause Six, which is at the centre of the Bill, seeks to, among others, provide for the procedure followed for the registration of a coalition political party.

The Bill is seen as part of the strategy to turn Azimio La Umoja, Opposition Chief Raila Odinga's 2022 machine into a coalition party.

The lawmakers resorted to physical confrontation, thus, disrupting the voting.

Others could be seen throwing water bottles in disapproval of the ongoing process.

The business of the house was paralysed for almost five minutes before order was restored.

Sigowet-Soin MP Kipsengeret Koros suffered a cut in the face during the melee.

"We cannot accept to be injured in a House of Parliament. This can't happen Mr Speaker," said a visibly injured Koros.

Session chair, Luanda MP Chris Omulele suspended the sitting for 15 minutes following the chaos which paralysed the afternoon sitting.

A little over a week ago, there were similar scenes on the floor of Ghana's Parliament over a controversial electronic transaction levy.




Source: the-star.co.ke