Saturday, 20 April

Mampong NPP primaries: High Court dismisses injunction


The Court of Appeal has rejected an interim injunction against the New Patriotic Party's (NPP) parliamentary primaries in the Asante Mampong constituency, filed by 35 discontented party members. 

This move follows a prolonged legal battle dating back to February 2022 when the Mampong Constituency NPP faced internal disputes over polling station elections. Despite a previous dismissal by the Mampong High Court, dissatisfied plaintiffs managed to secure a fresh injunction, halting the parliamentary primaries scheduled for January 27. 

However, a three-member panel, led by Justice Georgina Mensah-Datsa, dismissed the application on February 14, paving the way for the party to proceed with fresh parliamentary elections. 

Respondents' counsel, Francis Opuni Kesse, hailed the ruling, stating it enables the party to conduct the elections. 

Meanwhile, plaintiffs' counsel, Emmanuel Osei Abu-Bonsra, while expressing dissatisfaction, acknowledged respect for the court's decision and hinted at exploring further legal avenues, including potential appeals to higher courts.