Thursday, 28 September

NDC polls: Edem Agbana won Ketu North ticket - Fifi Kwetey

Edem Agbana

Edem Agbana is the winner of the Ketu North ticket of the main opposition National Democratic Congress, the leadership of the party has declared.

Clearing an earlier confusion over the results of the Saturday, 13 May 2023, primary in the Volta Region, the NDC's General Secretary told journalists on Tuesday, 16 May 2023 that there was no tie, as previously thought, explaining that Mr Agbana won by a slim margin after a reconciliation of the ballot papers were done.

He beat his contender, Mr John Adanu Zewu, by two votes, Mr Kwetey noted.

Earlier, Mr Agbana had insisted he won the contest but the Electoral Commission, after two recounts, discovered three unstamped ballot papers -- two in favour of Mr Agbana and the other for Mr Zewu.

Mr Kwetey, at a press conference, said: "By and large, we got a consensus coming across the table that the [three] ballot papers were an integral part of the booklet of ballots that came from the national office that went to that constituency, and, therefore, they were not foreign materials". 

"We also checked and saw that there was no overvoting", Mr Kwetey added, explaining: "The tallying process done by the agents of the candidates tallied with all the ballot papers found in the ballot box".

"These, for us, were the pieces of information we wanted to ascertain", he said. 

"So, the ballot papers were authentic", he declared.

"Following this", Mr Kwetey noted: "We are of the position that the will that the voters expressed is the authentic will of the people". 

"That original result had candidate Edem Agbana having 360 votes followed very closely by candidate John Adanu who had 359. Very close as it was, we had to go by the will of the people of Ketu North".

MR Kwetey said, as a result, the committee that dealt with the issue, headed by the National Chairman, Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketia, which he aided, came to the conclusion that "the will of Ketu North was that Edem Agbana was the one that won the most number of votes on the day". He said "even though it was that close, Edem Agbana will be declared the winner".