Monday, 24 June

NDC’s attempt to throw mud at me has failed – Assemblyman

Patrict Awuku, Assemblyman for Woeyeman Electoral area

The Assemblyman for Woeyeman Electoral Area in the Okaikwei Central Constituency of the Greater Accra Region, Mr Patrick Awuku, has refuted allegations made by some members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) that he was involved in organising masked thugs who disrupted the ongoing limited registration exercise at the district office of the Electoral Commission (EC) in Okaikwei North municipality.

Mr Awuku, in his response, maintained that these accusations were a deliberate attempt to tarnish his reputation. 

He clarified that his visit to the district office was to assist applicants from his electoral area in getting registered with the EC. 

Mr Awuku made this clarification speaking in an interview with

He emphasised that he had brought these applicants to the centre and had no reason to organise any disruption.

Contrary to claims that he orchestrated the attack, Mr Awuku explained that applicants he had brought to the centre also suffered from the incident and that there was no specific targeting of any particular group. 

He expressed his frustration with these allegations, pointing out that they were part of the NDC's strategy to damage his image in the lead-up to the District Level Elections.

Addressing the reports of his arrest, Mr Awuku confirmed that he was indeed present at the centre during the incident. 

However, he stated that he was on the opposite side of the centre, engaging in conversation with some NPPsympathisers, when the incident occurred. 

The police were called to restore order at the centre after the incident, and they came.

They decided to ensure Mr Awuku's safety by taking him away from the scene.

He clarified that his presence in the police vehicle had been misinterpreted as an arrest in the fabricated stories circulated by the NDC.


Source: Mensah