Wednesday, 21 February

Teacher licensure exams: Mahama’s cancellation was in response to pleas from teacher trainees – Bono East NDC

Suleman Mohammed-Mustapha

Suleman Mohammed-Mustapha, the Regional Director of Communications for Bono East within the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has provided clarification on former President John Dramani Mahama's call for the cancellation of the teacher licensure examination. 

According to Mohammed-Mustapha, the former president's stance was in response to pleas from teacher trainees who requested the cancellation of the examination during Mahama's visit to Al-Farouk College of Education as part of his regional tour.

Mohammed-Mustapha emphasised that as the Regional Director of Communications, he was present when the trainee teachers passionately appealed to the former president to cancel the licensure examination, citing it as a hindrance for teachers in the country. 

The students argued that the examination posed obstacles, leading many completed trainees to be denied clearance for employment after their national service.

This clarification comes in response to Mr Prince Obeng Himah, the President of the Colleges of Education Teachers Association of Ghana (CETAG), who opposed the cancellation of the licensure examination. 

CETAG's president emphasised the distinct nature of teacher training and the significant impact educators can have on future generations, either positively or negatively.

Mohammed-Mustapha defended the former president's call, stating that it was not arbitrary but based on concerns raised by trainee teachers. 

He argued that the licensure examination, rather than being a new policy, is a backdoor approach by the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government to limit teacher employment, potentially linked to the conditionalities of the International Monetary Fund.

Mohammed-Mustapha made this clarification speaking in an interview with on Tuesday November 21, 2023.

Addressing attacks on the former president's position from some elements in the NPP, Mr Mohammed-Mustapha urged the president of CETAG to focus efforts on ensuring the payment of allowances withheld by the Ministry of Education during CETAG's sit-down strike. 

He noted that despite deliberations by the Labour Commission, the government is reluctant to settle the matter, and the president of CETAG should prioritize the welfare of members.



Source: Mensah