Friday, 03 April

V/R: Amewu rallies Zongo Zabarama community to support his MP ambition

Energy Minister John Peter Amewu interacting with people of the chiefs and leaders of the Zabarama

Energy Minister John Peter Amewu has visited the Hohoe-Zongo Zabarama community in the Volta Region, as part of his campaign to become the governing New Patriotic Party’s parliamentary aspirant for the Hohoe Constituency.

Mr Amewu visited the area on Saturday, 22 February 2020 to interact with the chiefs and leaders of the community about ways to implement programmes and policies to develop the Zabarama community.

The discussion was centred on healthcare, electricity, water, education and the general wellbeing of the zongo people.

Mr Amewu, who emphasised that his vision for Hohoe's development is legendary and unheard of, urged members of the community to vote for him this year to bring this to fruition and also to enable the Hohoe Constituency to see the much-needed development and progress it deserves.

He also promised to make certain critical interventions to facilitate the development of the area.