Sunday, 14 July

What Ghana needs now is a new leader not a new political party – Alan Kyerematen

Alan Kyerematen

Former Trades Minister, Alan Kyerematen has said what Ghana needs now is a new leader and not a new political party.

He said this when he announced his resignation from the governing New Patriotic Party and declared his intent to contest the 2024 Presidential election as an independent candidate.

Addressing a press conference in Accra on Monday, 25 September 2023, Mr Kyerematen said the concept of an Independent Candidate becoming the President of the Republic of Ghana though novel, will be the most innovative and revolutionary development in Ghana’s political history.

“It will indeed be a watershed development in Ghana, although similar examples of this model have been practiced successfully in Benin, in Africa, and other political jurisdictions,” he stated.

He indicated that in a country like Ghana, that is currently embroiled in divisive political turmoil, an Independent Candidate who becomes President, will be a bipartisan and honest broker amongst different political parties, and will bring healing and reconciliation to our body politic.

He noted that as an independent president, Ministers and other key Government officials will be appointed from all Parties, and shall also include individuals who are apolitical but have a demonstrable and proven track record of performance, in their field of specialisation.

“What Ghana needs now is a new leader and not a new political party,” he stressed.

He emphasised that great nations of this world were built on the vision of great leaders and not on the back of political parties.

Citing examples to back his point, he mentioned such great leaders in political history around the world, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln of the United States of America, Winston Churchill of Great Britain, Mahatma Gandhi of India, Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, Deng Xiaoping of China, and Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana.

Mr Kyerematen emphasised that electing an Independent Candidate as President and leading a Government of National Unity, will not only bring harmony to the legislature but also facilitate the approval and execution of Government programmes and projects.


Source: Mensah