Sunday, 14 July

Scrap nuisance taxes on fuel or we'll advise ourselves – Transport operators to gov't

Commercial Transport

The Coalition of Commercial Transport Operators have given the government a six-day ultimatum to scrap the taxes and levies which they term as "nuisance" on petroleum products in order to reduce the fuel prices at the pump or they would advise themselves. 

A crunch meeting held Wednesday, November 3, 2021, among transport operators which included the Ghana Private Transport Union (GPRTU), Concern Driver's Association of Ghana, Ghana National Cargo Transport Association, and Ghana Committed Driver's Association concluded that the government should take the necessary steps to scrap some levies and reduce the energy levies as well.

According to the National Head of Communication who spoke on behalf of the coalition, Alhaji Imoro Abass, since the introduction of the taxes on petroleum products, it has affected commercial transport operators, making it impossible to operate the business positively. 

"The introduction of the levies on petroleum has caused a drastic increment in fuel prices at the pump which automatically is negatively affecting and worsening the burden of transport operators and drivers in the country", he said.

The transport operators have appealed to the government to scrap some of the new levies and taxes such as the Price Stabilization and Recovery Levies, Fuel Marking Margin Levy, Special Margin Levy, BOST Margin Levy, and the Prime Distribution Margin Levy put on petroleum products and reduce the energy sector, energy debt recovery and fund levy to 30 pesewas per litre.

Alhaji Abass further noted that, if the government fails to scrap the above-mentioned levies on petroleum products, then the transport operators have no choice but to take the next line of action to relieve them of the burden, adding, " our next line of action would come up if our plight is not adhered to by the government."

The Coalition also stressed that per the present economic hardship in the country, the transport operators have no intention to increase transport fares as it would add more burden to the ordinary Ghanaian but they warned that failure on the side of the government to heed to their plea would negatively affect transport fares and would increase the burden and suffering of Ghanaians.

"The transport operators have no intention to announce any upward adjustment in transport fares to add more suffering unto the already overburdened Ghanaians but if care is not taken, our business will collapse, so if the government fails to address the issue, the coalition will take a decision", Mr. Abass stated.

The GPRTU National Communication Officer again appealed to drivers to be patient and calm as the Coalition takes steps to address the drastic fuel increment with the government.

He also advised Ghanaians, CSOs and other agencies in the petroleum industry to support the transport operators on this issue.

Meanwhile, the government announced the removal of the price stabilization and recovery levy on petroleum products for two months effective 1st November to serve as a relief to Ghanaians and transport operators but the transport operators say "that is inadequate and cannot lessen the burden of Ghanaians until all the levies are totally scrapped."