Monday, 04 December

Great Ampong laments people are ready to walk into a lion's den for 'solutions' today

Cover art for Great Ampong's November 2023 song, The Beginning

Great Ampong has asserted that “about 75 per cent of people who go to church are only looking for solutions to their problems” and not seeking any meaningful experience with God.

He bemoaned churchgoers today are in love with church leaders and miracles to their own disadvantage.

The Gospel star spoke on No.1 105.3 FM’s Gospel Showbiz.

Host Taller Dee had broached the phenomenon of pastors who sell religious paraphernalia, including oils, promising miracles.

“We’re in an era where, it seems, this is all people want to see.

“They are ready [for anything] because they are not looking for God,” Ampong observed with worry.

Nowadays, “people don’t go to church to look for God – they are rather looking for solutions to problems,” he stressed.

Due to this, he said, people do not care about the spiritual leader’s genuineness and integrity.

“If you even tell them the pastor is a lion, they will still go to him,” the singer-songwriter bemoaned.

Great Ampong’s latest song is The Beginning. Watch the official video below:

Source: Benjamin