Wednesday, 29 March

Respect court order – Old vandals in Parliament to UG mgt

Dr Clement Apaak

Members of the Old Vandals Association in Parliament have called on the management of the University of Ghana to respect the court injunction on its in-out-out-out policy.

Some continuing students, resident in the commonwealth hall, sued the university for ejecting them following the introduction of the new policy.

The court granted them an injunction but the university management has refused to obey the court order and denied them accommodation in the hall.

A protest by the continuing students led to the arrest of 18 of them.

Addressing the media in parliament on Friday, 17 February 2023, MP for Builsa South Dr. Clement Apaak in the company of Afiduase Asokore MP Dr. Ayew Afriye and others who are old vandals demanded that the university respects the decision of the court.

“As Members of Parliament who are alumni of Commonwealth Hall, the great vandal city, we want to use this opportunity to call on the University of Ghana to respect the laws of the land and to aide by the contents of the injunction,” Dr Apaak stated.

“We are cautioning the police to be very circumspect in what they do about the impasse between Commonwealth Hall and the university. We believe and hope that the impasse can be resolved amicably, but in the meantime, we expect the university to respect the rules of the land.

“As alumni of Commonwealth Hall from both sides of the house, we are displeased with how the University of Ghana has gone about things. We fail to understand why the university is failing to respect the law,” he added.