Thursday, 18 April

Bishop Dr Charles Cofie Hackman grabs double at Global Awards

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Bishop Dr Charles Cofie Hackman

In a momentous event at the Global Well Respected CEOs Awards held in Singapore, Bishop Dr Charles Cofie Hackman, renowned as the Helping Hand Man, was conferred with two distinguished awards – the Global Well Respected CEO in Disability Advocacy and the Global Well Respected CEO in the Manufacturing of Home Care Products.

Bishop Dr Charles Cofie Hackman, CEO of the H4P Organisation and DV Unlimited Company Limited, earned the recognition not only for his leadership in business but also for his unwavering commitment to philanthropy.

DV Unlimited, specialising in the manufacturing and distribution of home care and personal care products under the brand DV Kliners, uniquely channels all its proceeds into supporting persons with disabilities (PWDs). 

This innovative approach aims to address the challenges faced by NGOs in securing funding for humanitarian efforts.

For over a decade, Bishop Dr Charles Cofie Hackman has emerged as an exceptional figure, gaining prominence for his compassionate work, particularly in advocating for PWDs.

Recognising the struggles of PWDs for societal inclusion, he has dedicated himself to amplifying their abilities and bringing dignity to disability.

Through the H4P Organisation, with special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOG), Bishop Dr Cofie Hackman has championed disability advocacy. 

Earlier this year, his significant contributions to disability advocacy earned him the prestigious Doctor of Letters Honoris (Hon. D. Litt) from the American Heritage University of Southern California, USA.

The H4P Organisation operates through the Helping Hand Community Project and the Helping Hand TV Show. 

The former provides extensive support in education, finance, sports, health, and more to individuals and families affected by disability. The latter, being the first and only disability-focused TV show in Ghana, offers authentic education and advocacy on disability issues.

In addition to these initiatives, Bishop Dr Cofie Hackman has introduced groundbreaking events such as the H4P Inter-schools Disability Fun-Games, the Ability Praise Concert, and the Christina Hackman Impact Leadership Awards (C.H.I.L. Awards).

These platforms celebrate and recognise the talents and contributions of PWDs while fostering inclusivity.

The Global Well Respected CEOs Awards adds to Bishop Dr Charles Cofie Hackman's impressive array of honours and awards, reflecting his selfless dedication to advancing the rights and inclusivity of individuals with disabilities in Ghana.

His commitment to philanthropy and advocacy has not only garnered local acclaim but has also earned him international recognition.

Source: Mensah