Saturday, 02 March

Pay attention to professional conduct in social media exchanges – Akosua Manu

General News
Akosua Manu

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Finance and Administration at the National Youth Authority, Akosua Manu, has advised the youth to exercise caution when communicating with individuals in positions of authority, particularly on social media platforms such as WhatsApp.

According to Madam Manu, it is improper and unprofessional to use slang, shorthand, and endearing terms when conversing with superiors.

She cited an incident involving a young man who was seeking employment and addressed a company executive with "Hello Dear" in a WhatsApp message.

Despite being corrected, the young man failed to apologize for his mistake and went on to ask for a positive response on his submission.

Akosua Manu believes that this type of behavior is widespread among some young people who are unaware of the distinction between personal and professional communication.

She expressed concern that social media has removed the lines that require etiquette and professional conduct.

To address this issue, Akosua Manu called on parents, facilitators and teachers to teach these skills on how to communicate respectfully and effectively with their elders and those in positions of authority.

She emphasized that seeking opportunities should not come at the expense of etiquettes.


Source: Okyere Jnr