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18,000 babies born annually with sickle cell disease in Ghana – ISCC

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Dr. Mary Ansong, Co-founder of the International Sickle Cell Centre (ISCC)

Dr. Mary Ansong, Co-founder  of the International Sickle Cell Centre (ISCC), has revealed that over 18,000 babies are born annually in Ghana with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). 

Emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts to alleviate the burden of SCD, Dr. Ansong announced the launch of the “You Are Not Alone” campaign by ISCC, a registered non-profit organization in Ghana.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about SCD, advocate the implementation of supportive policies, and provide medical, educational, and economic assistance to vulnerable individuals living with the condition. As part of the campaign, ISCC hosted its inaugural sickle cell conference under the theme, “The Current State of Sickle Cell Disease in Ghana: Progress Made, Challenges, and the Way Forward.”

The conference featured a strategic dialogue with esteemed panelists from the World Health Organization, National Blood Service, National Health Insurance Authority, and ISCC.

Prof. Harold Amonoo-Kuofi, Chair of ISCC and Chairman of the Governing Council for the University of Cape Coast and Cape Coast Technical University, highlighted ISCC's commitment to transforming the sickle cell narrative in Ghana, sub-Saharan Africa, and globally.

Since its inception in March 2021, ISCC has educated over 8 million Ghanaians about SCD, provided free screening for 6,000 individuals, enrolled 50 people into sickle cell clinics, and offered economic support and educational opportunities to sickle cell warriors.

Ms. Jane Gyimah Amoako, Sales and Marketing Manager at Tang Palace, expressed the hotel’s honour in partnering with ISCC to launch this vital project, aligning with their values of community support and health. Dr. Christopher Mensah from Tobinco Pharmaceuticals also emphasized their commitment by donating pain medications and Neuromin-plus to support 100 sickle cell warriors through ISCC.

The campaign included a blood drive organized in partnership with the National Blood Service, Ghana Health Service, and various other organizations to support sickle cell warriors.

Partners supporting this initiative include Conceptz Ghana, SAT Foundation, BC Medicals, Creo Animation Studios, Multimedia Group, NOB Foundation, PK Mahtani Family, Ink Studios, The Residence Productions, Mega Freights Limited, Games on Wheels, MCB Rentals, DTP Studios, Sickle Life, Sickle Cell Awareness Initiative, Sickle Gene Action Foundation, Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of Ghana, and GNS Foundation.

Campaign materials will be broadcast across all Multimedia Group channels, Class Media Group, 3FM, other media houses in Ghana, and on social media platforms. Pharm Martha Wiafe, Co-founder and COO of ISCC, called on individuals and Ghanaians to join the campaign and support the vulnerable, emphasizing the need for increased awareness and assistance for people living with SCD

Source: Mensah