Saturday, 20 April

2024 polls: EC reverses decision to eliminate indelible ink

Indelible ink

The Electoral Commission (EC) has reversed its decision to eliminate the use of indelible ink in the upcoming elections following widespread objections from Ghanaians and various political parties.

Dr. Eric Asare Bossman, the Deputy Electoral Commissioner in charge of Corporate Services, emphasized the importance of building trust and consensus ahead of the December polls.

Dr. Bossman stated, "After listening to the discussions, we have heard the concerns of the general public, we have heard the parliamentarians, we have heard the concerns of the NPP and the NDC and civil society members so we have concluded that if by using the ink people will have more trust in the process, why not…" he said.

He was speaking at the launch of the Multimedia Group's 2024 Election Coverage.

Earlier, the Minority caucus in Parliament had accused the EC of violating the constitution by considering the elimination of indelible ink. The decision to maintain the use of indelible ink is aimed at addressing concerns and ensuring the integrity of the electoral process in the upcoming elections.