Monday, 17 June

Dec. 7 polls: NPP ready to hand over power if we lose – Henry Quartey assures Ghanaians

Mr. Quartey highlighted the NPP's dedication to upholding democratic principles

The Minister for the Interior, Mr Henry Quartey, has assured the public that the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) is committed to a peaceful transfer of power if defeated in the upcoming 2024 general elections. 

His comments come amid concerns following recent violence during the limited voter registration exercise, which led to the arrest of Asutifi South MP, Collins Dauda.

Speaking to the media in Accra, Mr. Quartey highlighted the NPP's dedication to upholding democratic principles.

“As a politician, as a political party, it is our hope, it is our wish, it is our belief that by the grace of God, the good people of this country, the good work that we have done in infrastructure and in other interventions, they will give us another mandate,” he stated.

The Interior Minister, however, assured that if Ghanaians decide to hand over the steering of the affairs of the country to a different party other than the NPP, it will not relent in handing over power to the winner of the upcoming Presidential elections. 

He explained: “Perish the thought, and I say again, perish the thought, if they decide to give their mandate to somebody else, we will hand over peacefully and walk away, go to the drawing board and come back, Insha Allah. But I know that the grace of God abounds, and so we shall break the 8.”

In addition to these assurances, Mr. Quartey issued a stern warning against any form of electoral violence. He emphasised that anyone inciting violence before, during, or after the elections will face strict legal consequences, regardless of their political affiliation.

“Let me sound the warning again. You know my track record, I walk my talk. Anybody who goes to do something other than what is prescribed, we will do our best to ensure that the law will take its course and the court of competent jurisdiction will do its work,” Mr. Quartey cautioned.

The Interior Minister also stressed that law enforcement actions would not be politically motivated. 

“May I sound this warning that it will not be political vindictiveness. If anybody commits, whoever the person is, we shall ensure that the law will take its course,” he warned.

Source: Adiku