Wednesday, 07 June

I’m not proud being NDC MP at this time – Sam George

Sam Nartey George

Ningo-Prampram MP Sam George has called on the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to work towards winning back the love and trust of its base.

The MP’s comment follows the minority’s approval of the government’s ministerial nominees despite a directive from their party, the National Democratic Congress, not to do so. 

The MP, in a Facebook post on Tuesday, 29 March 2023, said: "On the other hand, I am part of the Caucus that has let down and stabbed right in the heart our base and supporters". 

“How do I explain to my constituents? How do I respond to the several calls from the constituency asking me why? What explanation can I give? What excuse could ever be fitting?”

He noted: “A majority of the caucus may have voted against the nominees but the dent of the few who for whatever considerations voted otherwise is collective.” 

The Ningo Prampram lawmaker stressed that: “We are all an endangered species now. It is not a thing of pride nor prestige at this time to call yourself an NDC MP.”

The MP called for a regrouping of the party as quickly as possible for a time of introspection. 

"We need to regroup as quickly as possible and have a proper introspection as individuals and as a collective. We owe it to the base and Leadership of our Party. We owe it to our presumptive Flagbearer, John Dramani Mahama". 

"We owe it to our own legacies. It would demand us being less emotional and more logical and strategic in our thinking and approach going forward". 

He added: "It would be an arduous task to win back the love of our base and trust of Leadership but it is a task we must undertake. We have no options but to dig in deep and make the next 18 months count for our Party".

Source: Adiku