Thursday, 21 September

Limited registration exercise: Pru East applicants call on EC to reconsider stance

Jean Mensah, EC boss

Potential voters in the Pru East Constituency of the Bono East Region are singing a chorus of discontent about the Electoral Commission’s ongoing limited registration exercise.

The applicants are strongly opposed to the Electoral Commission's (EC) limited registration exercise.

The voices of dissent emanate from various villages along the Volta Lake, including Domeabra, Batorkope, Gyatakpo, and Accra Town.

These concerned citizens firmly believe that the current registration exercise does not serve their interests and are fervently appealing to the EC to reconsider its stance.

One of the primary grievances voiced by these residents pertains to the financial burden incurred while travelling from their remote villages to the district capital, Yeji, where the registration centres are located. 

They emphasize that even on regular market days, the boat fare amounts to approximately ₵50.00, a cost that has escalated to ₵70.00 on ordinary days.

For many individuals, particularly those lacking a Ghana Card, this financial strain becomes significant as they must also arrange for two guarantors to accompany them. 

Consequently, the financial implications affect not just one but three people.

The citizens also draw attention to the inherent risks associated with the perilous journey across Volta Lake, which spans roughly 40 miles. Particularly during the current rainy season, this voyage becomes fraught with danger due to the increased likelihood of boat accidents. 

They lament that in this year alone, the region has witnessed unfortunate incidents resulting in the loss of at least 15 lives.

Considering these compelling factors and others, the residents argue that the circumstances surrounding the limited registration exercise are far from favourable and indeed discouraging for their participation. 

They expressed a deep concern in an interview with journalists on the third day of the exercise.

They said that if the EC does not revert to conducting the exercise at the polling stations, as it has done in the past, the outcome would be the disenfranchisement of countless eligible voters.

As a result, these citizens fervently implore the Electoral Commission to reassess its decision and dispatch registration officers to their localities. 

This approach they said will greatly enhance accessibility and convenience for all eligible voters, thereby ensuring that every voice is heard in the electoral process.

Source: Mensah