Wednesday, 21 February

Nabdam NDC women demand apology from Regional Minister

Stephen Yakubu, Upper East Regional Minister

The Women's Wing of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Nabdam Constituency of the Upper East Region is demanding an apology from the Upper East Regional Minister, Stephen Yakubu, over a controversial remark he made recently in connection with the proposed 24-hour economy by former President John Mahama.

While demeaning the proposal, Mr Yakubu said farmers needed to sleep with their wives after a hard day's work so they could keep their spouses instead of losing them to other men should they be working 24 hours.

Expressing their discontent with the minister’s comment, the women insisted that the Regional Minister retract his statement and issue a clear apology to them.

They characterised the minister's comment as not only unfortunate but also an attempt to diminish their socioeconomic contributions to society and reduce them to mere sex objects. 

Madam Leticia Yamga, the Women's Organiser of the opposition NDC in the region, conveyed the sentiment of the women's wing as she read a press statement on their behalf.

Source: Mensah