Monday, 04 December

2024 budget: Finance Minister dumps brown bag for green bag

Finance Minister with his green bag entering Parliament for the 2024 budget presentation

Minister of Finance Ken Ofori-Atta made a stylish entrance into Parliament for the presentation of the country's Budget and Financial Statement for the 2024 fiscal year with a green bag instead of the usual brown bag he has carried over the years.

Dressed in his customary all-white attire, the Minister was warmly greeted by Deputy Minister Abena Osei Asare and Minister of State, Dr Mohammed Amin Adam.

A noticeable change during Ofori-Atta's arrival was his choice of bag.

In previous budget presentations, the Finance Minister consistently used a brown leather bag. 

However, for the 2024 presentation, he opted for a green leather bag, sparking curiosity about whether this choice carried a symbolic message.

While it remains unclear if the Minister intended to convey a particular message with the new colour, he took a moment to pose for photos upon his arrival

Source: Mensah