Friday, 08 December

2024 elections: Alan will be 'a king-maker not a king' – Asante Okyere

Alan Kyeremanten and wife walking to yesterday press conference

Dr Jonathan Asante Okyere, a respected political science lecturer at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana's Central Region, has expressed his perspective on the recent decision by Mr Alan Kyerematen, a flagbearer hopeful for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), to resign from the party. 

Dr Asante Okyere characterised this move as long overdue, citing the perceived mistreatment of Mr. Kyerematen during the party's Super Delegates Conference held on August 26, 2023, as a pivotal moment.

In an interview on the 6;00 PM news programme on Accra 100.5 FM on Monday, September 25, 2023, Dr Asante Okyere explained that the treatment Mr Kyerematen received from the party’s establishment was reason enough for him to part ways with the NPP. 

He suggested that this departure could transform Mr Kyerematen into a "king-maker" rather than a "king" in the political landscape.

Dr Asante Okyere elaborated on his views, suggesting that Mr Kyerematen might have the potential to surprise observers in the 2024 general elections by drawing support from the NPP's base. 

He highlighted Mr Kyerematen's status as a political liberal and an influential figure within the NPP, noting that he could attract like-minded liberals to his movement. 

Additionally, Dr Asante Okyere pointed out that Mr Kyerematen's extensive network within the party and available resources could enable him to persuade neutral voters, especially first-time voters in the 2024 elections.

While acknowledging that Mr Kyerematen might not secure the ultimate victory in the presidential race, Dr Asante Okyere emphasised that he could play a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of the 2024 general presidential elections. 

This development, he said, may add an intriguing dimension to Ghana's political landscape.

He noted that Mr Kyerematen's strategic decisions and ability to mobilise support are poised to influence the electoral dynamics in the upcoming contest

Source: Mensah