Sunday, 23 June

A/R: Jurors threaten strike over 13-month allowance arrears

Seats of Jurors in the court

Jurors in the Ashanti Region have given the government up to May 31, 2023, to pay their allowances which have been in arrears, else they will advise themselves as their colleagues in the Judicial Service Association of Ghana (JUSAG) who are on strike have.

The Foreman General for the Jurors Association, Mr Albert Ackah, told Class 91.3 FM's Elisha Adarkwah that their allowances have been in arrears for the past 13 months.

He said they have written officially to the High Court Supervising Judge declaring their intention to embark on strike to demand their allowances.

Mr Ackah said the High Court Supervising Judge pleaded that they back down on their decision, as the government is working on the allowance and, by May 31, 2023, they would be paid.

Members of the association, he said, are waiting for the government to pay the allowances by the timelines given else they would also advise themselves

Source: Mensah