Friday, 08 December

Limited registration exercise: Ashanti Region records 370 challenge cases

EC officials carrying out registration exercise

Mr Benjamin Bannoh-Bio, the Ashanti Regional Director of the Electoral Commission, has revealed that the region has encountered 370 challenge cases since the commencement of the voter registration exercise.

During the first week of the exercise, from September 12 to September 20, a total of 370 challenge cases were documented in the region, according to Mr Bannoh-Bio. 

These challenges were primarily related to suspicions of individuals being minors, potential foreigners, or residents outside of the respective districts.

Mr Bannoh-Bio clarified that whenever an applicant is challenged during the registration process, they are still allowed to complete the registration process. 

However, their voter card will not be issued. 

After the registration exercise concludes, a meeting will be convened, chaired by the District Police Commander, and attended by representatives from political parties and the local chief, to conduct a thorough investigation into each case. 

Only when all parties involved are satisfied with the process will the voter's identity card be issued, or legal actions may be pursued.

Speaking in an interview on Accra 100.5 FM's mid-day news on Wednesday, September 21, 2023, Mr Bannoh-Bio provided insight into the types of challenges recorded in the region.

 Among these, 211 applicants were challenged on the grounds of being minors, 68 for suspected foreign status, 90 for non-residency, and one individual was challenged due to mental incapacity.

He emphasised that any person who meets the qualifications for voter registration has the right to challenge the registration of another individual they believe is unqualified. 

To initiate the challenge process, one must request a challenge form, he concluded.

Source: Mensah