Monday, 17 June

'Nonsense!' – NPP says 'unblemished' Dame won't resign over Jakpa's 'senseless' witness tampering claims

Dr Casiel Ato Baah Forson

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has rejected allegations that the prosecution of Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, the Minority Leader in Parliament, is politically driven.

The case, which concerns the procurement of ambulances in the Mahama administration, centers on Dr Forson's involvement in alleged procurement irregularities. 

This controversy has sparked intense debate over the past week.

Mr Richard Jakpa, the third accused in the case, claimed during cross-examination that Attorney General Godfred Dame had been pressuring him with late-night calls to provide testimony against Dr. Forson.

In response, the NDC released a 16-minute audio recording on Tuesday in Accra, suggesting that the charges against Dr. Forson are a strategic move to weaken his position as Minority Leader.

The NPP, however, has denied these claims, calling them “senseless.” 

During a counter press conference, Mr Frank Davies, the NPP’s Legal Committee Chairman, dismissed the notion that Dr. Forson’s prosecution is linked to his political role. 

He argued that the law operates independently of titles and political affiliations, stressing that everyone is subject to the law’s impartiality.

“The prosecution is based on concrete evidence from the transaction’s documentation, as supported by the Court’s ruling that a case has been made by the Attorney General, necessitating a response from the defense,” Mr Davies said.

He also pointed out that the prosecution began before Dr. Forson became Minority Leader, undermining the argument that the charges are politically motivated. 

“The suggestion that Dr. Forson is being prosecuted because of his position as Minority Leader is baseless and nonsensical,” Mr Davies added.

The NPP maintains that the case is rooted in evidence, not politics, urging the public to focus on the legal merits rather than unfounded accusations.

Mr Davies also parried calls for Mr Dame’s exit.

"We are clear in our minds that the calls for the resignation of the Attorney General is misplaced, unwarranted and this would not put any spokes in the prosecution of Cassiel Ato Forson and his associates.”

“Also, coming from the NDC the call for the Attorney General to resign is very rich. The AG would not resign and would continue to remain witty, resolute and focused in the delivery of his work.”

At tge same NPP press conference, the party's National Organiser, Mr Henry Nana Boakye (Nana B) said the AG's credibility remains spotless.

“Last week we heard a lot of allegations, manipulated facts, and distorted narratives from the NDC targeted at the Attorney General. The Attorney General’s credibility remains unblemished.”

“He’s one of the most hardworking Attorneys General we have had in this Republic. Very intelligent, very smart. And no amount of shenanigans, evil intelligence against him will suffice.”