Monday, 04 December

We've no hands in pricing of graves – Mortuaries CEO


Dr Yaw Twerefour, the Chief Executive Officer of Mortuaries and Funeral Services Authority, has addressed concerns regarding the escalating costs of graves. 

He clarified that the Authority’s role is not to regulate prices but to issue permits to cemetery owners, ensuring safety and necessary amenities within the cemetery.

Dr Twerefour explained that the Authority’s jurisdiction is maintaining records and ensuring the security of cemeteries. 

He emphasised that the Mortuaries and Funeral Services Authority lacks control over grave pricing, especially in privately owned cemeteries. 

When issuing permits, the Authority does not dictate pricing; instead, private owners determine the fees for their respective cemeteries, he explained. 

Dr Twerefour highlighted the changing dynamics in the funeral industry and emphasised the need for support from the Ghanaian community to fulfill their responsibilities effectively.

Responding to reported increases in burial costs, callers from various regions shared their experiences, citing varying charges based on factors like tiles, steps, and additional fees imposed by landowners and local councils.

Dr Twerefour spoke an interview on Accra-based Adom FM.

Source: Mensah