Wednesday, 21 February

TEWUG continues strike over vehicle maintenance allawa


The Tertiary Education Workers Union of Ghana (TEWU-GH) has urged its members to persist with their industrial strike despite a meeting with the government on Friday, February 9, 2024.

TEWUG initiated an industrial strike on February 1 to demand the payment of members’ Tier-2 and vehicle maintenance allowance.

Following negotiations, the government agreed to pay the Tier-2 of members, which it has since fulfilled. However, the vehicle maintenance allowance remains outstanding.

In a statement released on Monday, TEWUG reiterated its call for members to uphold the strike action until the vehicle maintenance allowance is disbursed to deserving members.

"The government has resolved the issue of Tier 2 and directed the affected public universities to pay the overtime and extra duty allowance, but has remained silent on the payment of the vehicle maintenance allowance to deserving staff," a statement from TEWU-GH said.

"Some of these concerns persist as the employer has failed to address the issue of the vehicle maintenance allowance since February 1, 2024. The National Executive Council (NEC) of the Tertiary Education Workers Union of Ghana (TEWU-GH) in the public universities, therefore, reaffirms that the ongoing strike action will continue until further notice," it added.